An artist’s atelier and a loft in Selva di Val Gardena

Art at Home:
a retreat for
imaginative contemplation

An artist’s studio renovated to become an apartment with loft and complete with a terrace looking across the Dolomites: there are more ways than one to live and experience the Dolomites as if they were authentic works of art. It is in this context that nature, conceived as a work of art, finds an ideal retreat in these living quarters, transformd into not only abodes but residences as a true celebration of the imagination.

Aron Demetz

A transitory and transformable sculpture .. and sculptor

Aron Demetz

Wood. A material which speaks of survival. Throughout the centuries and to the present day. The still of the woods leads one to contemplate, contemplate on the here and now but also with a glimpse to the future. A certain silence reigns and encourages the contemplative mind.
Night follows day as day follows night. Our thoughts drift and we imagine. Our imagination leads us to further thoughts.
And then there is the impact of resin. A translucent mass of amber colour.
Hanks and lumps. Elements of fire. Elements of dark.
Sculpture seen as a place where there are sounds around.
In the still of the day it is not essential to always search an immediate significance.
Significance can be timely, measured, with and without words.
The crucial factor is not necessarily the significance of the words
but rather what they show and reveal.
Words may lead us to conceive of a figure.
In each and every sculpture of worth there is a poetic figure,
a sense of theatre in which a performance is in act
a representation passing at times from Gods to Demons,
displaying to us a world of disturbing presence and variety.

The location

Val Gardena

In the tourist brochures and in the digital communications which abound, The Dolomites is always a phrase which takes centre stage. Reference is made to to unspoilt environment and that here we have a UNESCO World Heritage. The valleys boast a spectacular history and a centuries old story of creation, a status which does not need over elaboration for it speaks for itself and demands our respect. One thing is undeniable, the fact that nature has found a place where it expresses itself at sublime levels, and its very existence merits our attention and the invitation is extended to experience and enjoy. Indulge in the slow rhythm and stroll in meadows such as those in Valle Lunga and enjoy the heavenly emotions readily gifted to the visitor. Or, if looking for the more energetic thrills, there is always the best of ski challenges in winter with perhaps a downhill on the Sasso Lungo: many reasons there are to visit here, vacation here, live the life to the full.