A home, a history, a story to tell

This house
is your retreat

The centuries long tradition of woodcarving in Val Gardena. A question of handcraft, in the fields and in the barns, a dedication to wood. No detail left untouched, an attention to detail rare in our times. A looking to the future, an undertstanding of so as to render the ambience serene. One can detect the loving care gifted and giving a touch of class to all. A book display boasting works of art, the presence of pine a reassuring choice, objects of art carefully selected, even the presence of Grander water a welcome bonus. All is studied to please, to make you welcome, your arrival here an experience in itself.

In Selva di Val Gardena, as in all the valley for that matter, there is a wide choice of holiday accommodation and everyone is entitled to choose as they will. Here, however, one can find something which goes beyond an offer of accommodation, something out of the ordinary, almost something which talks to you directly. Lights, furniture, art objects – they all seem to want to say a comforting word or two. It is as if one can enter into a realm of beauty and indulge in a way which will bring endless benefits to your peace of mind. This house can become your holiday retreat.