Ski, dream, and more besides

Val Gardena
in winter

The extensive area of the ski carousel and the efficiency of the lifts is something renowned the world over. The facts are indisputable but what is more important as a piece of advice is to make sure that you enjoy the magic of winter, for the magic of the Ladin welcome and the joys of its culture are little less than a blessing. And one final word if we may – look to discover that silence too is a marvelous music to the ears. Discover and listen happily is our advice.

Walk, dream, and more besides

Val Gardena
in summer

Walks, the memories of which will stay with you a lifetime. Leave your car behind, jump on the bus, take a lift if you wish to go high, make use of the paths and trails, hop on a bike, just look up and let yourself go. The Dolomites are an intelligent sort of mountain in that they are sleeping giants and they appreciate the slow steps of passers by, passers by happy to look up to the sky, remain absent of any grating noise and leave the worries of the world behind.

Nature and culture combine

High on up

The Dolomites are not just mountain terrain for climbers, skiers, cyclists, excursionists, motorists, motobikers, lovers of high cuisine, wine connoseurs, wellness seeking folk. It is a land which embraces South Tyrol and not only welcomes objects of art of a certain value but delights in establishing an ongoing dialogue between art and nature, between present and past, animals of the wood and curious visitors, holidaymakers and tourists keen to experience the full range of joy which these places and spaces of fascinating style present to the naked eye.